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Your favorite board/card game for 2--the second person being a 10-12yo?


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Any of the games in the mancala, chess, or checkers families are adapted nicely for two players, also, there's Hex (edit: and go). Does he like strategy more or luck?


Not sure, but he did tell me he likes there to be a mystery and/or guessing involved.  lol  We have a couple versions of Clue.  A cooperative type game would also be nice, but not necessary.  He's easily frustrated but I'm ok with him learning how to handle that through a one-on-one game with me!

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DH researched two-player games for us for Christmas. We love Carcasonne (2-4 players) and my in-laws loved it so much after playing it with us that they bought their own. We also bought Hive and...something else - I'll have to look it up. We haven't played those yet.


My youngest was really into Carcassonne at about 10-11. It was great because the two of us could play it together, and it wasn't a super long time suck for me--it's about a 30-45 minute game. I also like Ticket to Ride, but he never really got into that one.


Another game we have played a lot is Bonkers, which is vintage from the late 70s. I had it as a kid and loved it--it's simple and really pretty mindless. Found it in perfect condition at a thrift store and played it a lot with youngest.


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My son is obsessed with monopoly right now! We've not been playing many games lately so I think I need to start pulling them out more often.

My ds loved Monopoly for a while. We got Make Your Own Opoly from Rainbow Resource. Ds has such a great time making his own game that we got a second Make Your Own, lol.


He also loved the Monopoly Deal card game.




Fwiw, this is shorter than regular Monopoly, great if you like Monopoly. Like regular Monopoly, ds won, I lost. Always. Not a good game with just 2 people, imo.

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Card games:

Sleeping Queens

Phase 10



Mythmatical Battles


Magic: The Gathering


traditional deck card games:

Crazy 8's



Go fish

poker (for pennies or random tokens)



Board games:






chinese checkers

connect 4





Game of Life



Any kind of trivia game



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I need something for ds11 and I to play.  His siblings are older and don't always have the time or desire to play, plus ds can be crabby during games so I'd like to find something for just the two of us.  Thanks!




My 9 year old son loves Sushi Go




Dominion works great for 2 players -- remember to use the 2 player rules or the game goes on a LOT longer.


Rummikub works great for two people




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Right now we are playing Labyrinth and really enjoying it.


I LOVE this game.  I think ds is played out; I should probably just see what Ravensburger games there are.  We used to love playing Whoowasit? on the iPad and I found out there is a Ravensburger board game, too, just not in print anymore I don't think.

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