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Health count as a science credit?

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In dd's senior year, she did A&P for science (1 credit) and health as an elective (half credit). The two courses went nicely together and did have some overlap of topics. Personally I wouldn't count the time spent on health (whether intertwined with A&P or separate as we did it) for science credit. It just doesn't seem to really "fit" with the expectations colleges will probably have for a science course. When I was in high school, health was under Physical Education--and that's also where our local CC places it. It does intersect science of course, and I suppose you could make it very science-y...but I think it puts you in a position of needing to "prove" it's a science course. 



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I would. I'd call it something other than Health though. Maybe 1 semester of A&P and the other as Nutrition Science- with lab even (lots of real science goes into understand nutrition and how we process nutrients).  Now if you were doing a typical health class with sections on peer pressure, drug use, etc... from a social perspective then no, I wouldn't count it as science.

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180 hours would certainly be a full/rigorous Health course, and would certainly be a full 1.0 credit -- but not of Science.


Health is counted as an Elective -- same with Nutrition, unless it includes a lot of the Chemistry aspects (as with a college Nutrition course). Anatomy is usually counted as Science -- frequently is a unit within a Biology course, or is part of an Anatomy & Physiology course.


A high school science course typically is about the scientific process and covers terminology, fundamental natural laws, and natural processes.


In contrast, a Health course tends to have a personal or lifestyle focus -- information and choices about mental and physical health, nutrition, and s*xuality; fitness; first aid and accident prevention; etc.

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The title pretty much says it all, if we do an intensive health/nutrition study with some anatomy, could that be a science credit? What would you call it? I'm talking at least an hour daily, five days a week, for 180 days.



Are you including biochem in the nutrition part? Maybe also a bit on infectious diseases, again, from a chemical perspective?


With a good inclusion of biochem, I think it could be "science." But then I wouldn't call is Health, but something more like Human Physiology and Processes.


It's totally out-of-the-box. But I think it could be cool.



But I don't know how colleges would respond to seeing that on the transcript rather than bio/chem/physics credits. Maybe half-credit of "regular" bio and half-credit "regular" chem, then this class could be seen as taking the human parts of bio and chem and putting them together to make the other credit.

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