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Approved AP Calc BC Syllabus

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I had posted this in another thread, but decided to make another thread in case someone who may be interested didn't see the prior comment.


I have decided to create a homebrewed calc class for my youngest kiddo. If anyone is interested in using my syllabus for a homebrewed class of your own, please pm me and I will send you a copy of my syllabus which has been approved by the College Board to use the AP designation.


Here are the resources I will be using:


The textbook Calculus for AP by Larson.  I have decided to use this textbook because it has a lot of free resources, such as CalcChat (with solutions to all odd problems in the textbook and online free tutors) and CalcView (with videos for each chapter).  The textbook also has end of chapter problems that mimic those found on both the multiple choice and FRQ sections of the exam, so kiddo will be able to have ongoing prep for the problems encountered on the AP exam..


I am going to supplement with the following:

Calculus by AoPS

Be Prepared for the AP Calculus Exam by Howell and Montgomery

Released exams by the College Board


If you get your syllabus approved, you will be given access to a ton of free material, including prior administered exams with the grading rubrics!


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Wondering how this went for you and which AP exam was taken.  Did you look into any of the other Larson books?  The $$ is higher than I was hoping and I can't figure out the difference btwn Calc for AP vs something like his Single Variable Book.  Thanks


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