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The CHAOS Ensues Teachers Lounge 7-10-2017


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Good morning and Welcome to the Lounge!


Today's theme brought to you by the fact that I really need to scale down the busy-ness in my life.

Yesterday was ds's birthday. He is now 13!  :hurray:  :huh:  Now that planning and prepping and party are done, 

today I have to focus on getting ready for church camp with the kids: what do we need? what do I need as

Crafts Director? How soon can I get the supplies needed from the organizer? I really HOPE camp will be semi-

relaxing for me because the week after that is the Swim Team End of Season gathering and I need to finalize 

those details. So, the chaos ensues.


Who else is (not) thriving on CHAOS with me? 


Anyone have a start date for homeschooling and summarily change it once again? Here: technically, we have been 

schooling throughout the summer but it's been very light. I wanted to start my daughter on Greek the first week of August

but after last week's hospital stay and seeing my schedule written out, I may push that out a bit. We'll see.


An epiphany I had within the last week or so: we've all heard how we need to learn to say "no" to things at times. But I think

we all think, or have always been told, that means saying "no" to other people's requests. However, I've come to realize that sometimes

that also means saying "NO" to ourselves. Looking at my own life at the moment, I have four or five things going on right now that need 

considerable attention each week. That is not conducive to easing anxiety and stress! :crying: So I'm really going to have rethink these things! :confused1: 

Anyone in this boat with me? 


Talk to me! :bigear: 

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Happy birthday, Scrap's Son!  A teenager!  I love teens so much :)


Not thriving in CHAOS: Me, me, me, me, me!  We got the floor almost all done in Cameron's room this weekend.  We need to finish the closet and get the trim and paint it and install it.  And put up his fan and install his window shade.  And then his room will be done.  There's still a few little things left in Ani's room that haven't been finished in a year.  I have to finish cleaning out my parents' room (which kind of became a dumping ground) since they have finally found a buyer and so will be finally moving here before too long.  My recliner broke last night so it's in the middle of the living room on its side while Jamie and Cameron figure out how to fix it if it can be fixed.  The little guys' room is the next to get done and their new bed is being delivered today which means they'll be sleeping in our room for a week or two while we paint and put in the floor.  Today we have to rip up their carpet.  The craft room is being used as a drop off point for clothes for a thing our church is doing (clothes will be going to the Center for Refugee Services).  The room is getting quite full and I really need to sort into sizes/sexes and box them up for transporting when the clothing drive ends in a month.  And it is all driving me INSANE!  I hate for my house to be messy and that's just something you can't really avoid when doing some remodeling.


Change start date: No.  We're pretty set on our calendar.  We follow the local public schools, adding in birthdays as holidays and Veterans Day (since Jamie has off).  We finish about a week before they do and always start the day after they do.  The first day of school for the local public schools is Not Back to School Day for us.  We always do something as a family (Jamie takes off and everything).  This year I'm thinking we'll go to the zoo maybe.  Or Main Event (laser tag, bowling, mega arcade).  Last year we went to the trampoline park.  (We follow the public school calendar because taekwondo does so my kids' work schedules work nicely with school and also because Cameron's in seminary which is a religion class every morning before school and that, of course, follows the school calendar, too.)


Epiphany: That's deep.  I never thought of that, but you are right.  I guess it's all about prioritizing.  Good, better, best.  What absolutely needs to get done.

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My issue with summer is I try to do our normal daily routine AND the added seasonal responsibilities (gardening, mowing, moving 7 tons of mulch, pool visits, more friends wanting to do more stuff, family reunions, holidays, etc.).  it's HOT.  Plus we have a June, August, and September birthday.  DH is busier and grumpier because his work is outside and psychologically seasonal.  So, in short, summer sucks around here.  Our official school year begins the first Monday of August and is year round; I'll have to write progress reports in a couple of weeks.   Add to that our sick pets recently (dog surgery in April, dog CCL injury in April, dog weird face last month, sick/dead hamster last week), household repairs/upgrades, a brief clothes hunt for my rapidly growing DD, broken and poorly working mowers, and I don't know what else, lol.  I'd say "I'm not sure how I get it all done!" but I don't get anything done, really.  I'm just running around putting out fires, and probably will be in the winter, except it won't be so HOT and the grass will be dead.  I need a nap.  Or AstroTurf.  Or both.   :lol:

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we are starting TODAY! 


Our summer stuff is pretty well over. I have a few outings to plan, but after convention, I am all fired up to start and my kids wanted to dig into thier new goodies. We still have a lot of stuff from last year, and i only want to do one thing at a time, so there's nothing stopping us from starting right now. 


i ordered the small bits of curriculum we need and two planners last night. we are having some last minute changes. I had planned to sign them up for the Science Center classes this year, but they restructured in a way that won't work for us. They do have a better program that will work for us. They do community outreach all over the state, which means they will bring the classes to us. I will organize those for next semester. 


instead we are getting a zoo membership and taking thier class instead. it's one class for all 4 kids instead of three, which will be super easy for me. The membership is much less expensive and the classes cost half as much. Better deal all around. they are having a snow day on saturday, so we'll go then. 


i have no trouble saying no to other people. In fact, I rarely am asked to do anything. But saying no to myself is harder. there are so many things i want to do. it's easy to overschedule. 


i've taken up my meditation practice again. i don't do it nearly as often as i would like. i'm really looking forward to settling into our routine so that i can carve out that time for myself. 

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Lots of Chaos here too.  We have four summer birthdays - 2 in July and 2 in August. We do a combined party for the kids in August that is also our annual lake/pool party with family, friends, work people, etc.  So, that keeps it somewhat controlled.


Dd is doing swim team again this year.  I forgot how crazy that was last year.  It's only 8 weeks, but it's 8 weeks of daily practices, meets on Mondays, clinics on Wednesdays, "fun" events on Thursdays.   Just nuts.  Especially considering I'm on medication and supposed to stay out of the sun as much as possible.  15 minutes with heavy sunscreen and I burned a couple weeks ago, so I'm spending a lot of the practices sitting in the car reading in the shade.  Meets are in the evening at least so not so bad.


I also decided to start taking kick-boxing at the kids TKD dojo so I head over their three mornings a week.    Mondays are the worst - Kick-boxing at 9:30, kids TKD at 10:30, swim practice at 1:30, meet at 5:30.  Need to do meals and, theoretically, school sometime in there too.


Next week is our 4-H fair.  The kids each have projects to finish up, I have two science projects to finish up for the adult category, plus I'm helping to set-up this weekend, plus meeting tomorrow night with my club to work on the club display, plus I'm helping the office with some typing/formatting projects.


Next Tuesday I have an ultrasound and doctor's appointment with possible biopsy about my current issue.  We'll probably be discussing surgery (ablation or hysterectomy).  I had an appointment that morning with a new GP that I'm keeping because it took MONTHS to get in and I still need to get a new albuterol script and get my thyroid checked.   So, three medical appointments in one day.  And I need to be at the fairgrounds that night for exhibit check-in since I'm both the science and the herpetology chairperson.


And I"m trying to start planning out our new year of school since I'm going to be changing up a few things.

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Reminding myself that NO is a sentence that does not require further explanation.


Living on chaos for about three more days and then a break.


I moved ds's senior year start date three times because the other ds has moved his move back to the dorm date three times. 

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You aren't kidding, Dorothy! You're schedule IS hectic! I think yours tops Margaret's!


I just keep reminding myself it's temporary.  


Fair is done after next week.

Swim is done after first weekend in August.

Party is done after the second weekend in August.


I can make it that long.

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I'd love to say yes.


But this WEEKEND alone we have:

Had the refrigerator need replaced

The upstairs air conditioner is not working and I don't have 8-10k to replace it or the 3k to temporarily fix it. So a $200 window unit will have to suffice.

A car got hit so a $500 deductible had to be paid to fix it.

And then there is paying for classes and books soon.


There is almost zero chaos here mostly bc we are staying home and praying the only further break we get is a financial relief one.


I'm going to sit and do some knit therapy while I catch up on Doctor Who or iZombie, pending time of day and which kids are up.


We will start back up on schooling when the older crew's college classes start in mid-August. They are a bigger distraction than the 9 month old, so no point starting while they are here. 🙂

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Hoo-wee! We are a bunch of (not)/thriving on CHAOS folk here!


I was telling someone earlier how I'm realizing I HAVE to slow down to anxiety issues.

I've been praying for a few years for a simpler life. This is not quite what I meant!  :rolleyes:

But slow me down He shall, however the Good Lord sees fit!


Thankfully, I have wonderful herbal tea that truly, truly helps my body deal with the symptoms (false-positive for cardiac issues).

And at least these days my brain is functional and talking to me!  :D

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Hi, everyone! Happy birthday to your son, Scrap!


Murphy, I'm having your kind of summer with our cars. $4k for a transmission to be replaced, and another $500 to replace a tire from a small accident and replace 2 front windshields from rocks hitting and cracking them. 


I'm back from our trip. It was nice to have a week with family and friends and not many responsibilities!


I don't thrive on chaos, but I am not in the thick of it now, either. 


I have changed our start date. I was going to do a couple of subjects this summer and start August 7th. I decided to stop school altogether the week ds went on his mission trip and not do any school for this month. We start July 31st. 





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After reading through everyone's chaos, I guess my life is pretty structured. The past few weeks I've been adding more and more structure for mental wellness and kid control, it's been nice. Today was the first day in a couple weeks that dinner wasn't on the table around 5, we didn't get home until 6:30, and it felt weird. We were–––


Coming back to this post an hour later, after the smoke alarms went off!! Just because I typed that there wasn't enough chaos in my life, lol.  All fine here, we think the high humidity set it off. It was hot and rainy today, I guess our AZ smoke alarms just don't know what to do with water in the air :)


ETA: I got sidetracked and forgot the rest of the discussion topics.


We didn't move our start date, (July 1), but it was immediately followed by a long vacation. So the real start date was July 6, the 1st was a token day for the kids.


I know I have to say "no" to myself more. Thanks for the reminder.

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