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iPad pro vs. macbook


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I use my desktop for many things, particularly photo stuff, scanning, printing, and such.


I use my laptop mostly for surfing the net, doing occasional word processing, and texting (I see the iPad pro allows for the iMessage in one screen while surfing the net in another screen at the same time?)  Is this true?


The only question I have is about apps.  I find I really prefer the online/web application of things to app use, so for example, I prefer to shop Target.com to using their app shopping version.


Thoughts?  Do you have an iPad pro?  does it out-perform a regular iPad?


I have an iPad mini so I am not interested in just a larger version of that, I really want something that would come close to replacing a small macbook.

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I recently bought my friend's Microsoft Surface Pro 4. She works as a technical editor and recently got a new job where the Surface would no longer meet her requirements so she gave me a deal on it to avoid the risks of Craig's List or eBay.


I like the Surface better than either our iPad or DH's MacBook. I don't know how wedded you are to Apple products but I'm glad I ended up with the Surface instead of the MacBook I had been considering.

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I don't want anything but an Apple product.  I can't explain it, but I am not a computer person and the Apple is just far more intuitive to me.


Oh, and I can iMessage during work meetings without anyone knowing......sad fact...... :lol:

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