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Art with a Purpose

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Anyone use this?  I'm considering it for next year, mostly hoping to improve drawing skills.  Would it be a good choice for that?  We've been using Draw Write Now off and on for a few years but it doesn't happen consistently and I thought something open-and-go might get done a little more.  Also wondering if I can start kids right at their grade level or if it's better to go back a grade or two if they're just starting the series.  This would be for 1st, 3rd, and 6th grades.

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I think it's so affordable and well done, as an "art class" the earlier grades do not teach a lot of drawing so be sure to look at samples. I felt like it was something I could do, and be proud of.


Now, that said ...my dd HATED it. She is a true artists and until I found teachers/products that truly inspired her, she was completely opposed to any "art program" we tried at home.


Later she used a beautuful painting books, drawing books which she chose and then classes with highly qualified teachers.

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I have the complete set (K-5th) of Home Art Studio here. My daughter will randomly pick it up and watch an entire dvd without doing a single project. I was just coming to ask about art programs that actually get done. You beat me to it. Thank you! And I would like to know the same--for less than natural talented kids, how far back should we begin?


And you might post on the K-8 board, too.

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