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WWYD Bed bugs


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I have an elderly neighbor couple who have been in the moving business and still do moving jobs for people.

They came over for a chat yesterday, sat on my upholstered kitchen chairs, and after 20 minutes casually asked how they could have gotten bed bugs.

The man is known to not bathe regularly and sit for long periods of time in his house which is cluttered (horders).


They have the idea that they are going to get rid of the bed bugs by using a hair dryer along the baseboards because that is what his elder sister does for her rental houses.


They will not listen to what the "so called experts" say on the subject.


So, would you let them into your house?

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That is so hard because you want to be neighborly but that could end up costing you big time. It would be easy to guess how they got them if they are in the moving business. The bathing is irrelevant or you wouldn't have to worry about it. The sad part is they are probably spreading it to all the people they are moving.



Could you sit outside with him on plastic chairs or something like that and not allow him in? I don't know where you live or anything.

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We put the chair in a chest freezer I happened to empty out the day before.

We are not going to let them in the house again and try to just visit with them on the porch.

I read, too, that the bugs don't like moving targets but this man has been known to sit for a long period of time at his kitchen table which is surrounded by mountains of junk mail.

He does not bathe often enough and will put on dirty clothes, especially socks.


This is hard.  How do you tell someone they are not welcome in your home?

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Thank you for all your replies. 

I talked to the wife today--outside--and she said they have done nothing so far for the infestation.

She thinks it is contained in their bedroom.


I'll take you-all's advice, grow a spine, and just visit with them out of doors.

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