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I have an interview tomorrow...


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If you have good thoughts and prayers to spare, I'd appreciate it. 


This is a big deal. I've been cobbling multiple part time positions in this field for a while. A year ago I was able to improve a bit getting a position that while still part time qualified for health insurance (I still have two other jobs). My boss at this position has given me multiple opportunities to build me skills. He encouraged me to apply for this position and told me he'd help me prep if I got an interview. I was called to schedule an interview two days before he left on vacation. So, I didn't get to prep with him. I did reach out to someone at another employer. She was nice enough to forward me questions they use when interviewing for this type of job. I spent some of today drafting coherent answers that match my experience and what I think this place would want.  I've been fortunate with finding people to help me on this journey. 


I hope I do well and I hope I find this place fits what I need. 





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I'm back. Thanks for virtually being with me. 


This is the first round of interviews for two similar positions. I applied to both, but I am more suited to one rather than the other. I know they were trying to schedule interviews back to back with the panel. I know how much time they had blocked for each candidate. I felt like I was answering questions well. My time with the panel ran 50% longer than scheduled. So the person after me was waiting. My interview did start right on time. So, I think that was a good sign that they wanted to know me better. 


I knew the candidate before me. She saw me in foyer waiting and greeted me. I asked her if she was applying to the same jobs. She said she was and was very friendly --"this field is a small world, we all know each other" kind of thing. I haven't had a full time position in this field. She has previously. She left a full time job a year ago for two reasons: to finish a degree and because her supervisor was awful. Since then she's been doing multiple part time positions. I don't know if she's finished the degree she was working on. 


To get more small world, one of the people on the panel is a neighbor of mine. He works at another facility in the same agency. I suspected he would be there. He holds the same facility director position as the director of this facility who was also on the panel, but earlier in his career held positions similar to what I was applying for, so I figured he would be asked to come and participate in the panel. Anyway, it was because of this suspicion I didn't talk to him yesterday at our neighborhood pool. He also didn't try to talk to me and he has given me career advice in the past. 


And to further intertwine stuff, the woman who was before me had previously worked for my neighbor, he was her boss before he moved to his current job and she got the intolerable boss that made her decide to quit. 


I was just telling my dd19, that I feel successful no matter what happens. I've learned a lot about how to apply for jobs now. I've worked on writing descriptions that include key words. I've learned that I was too rigid in my definitions of experience (my current boss told me this) and that I really did have experience doing X, Y, Z and had really been doing those things for ---- amount of time. That has taken me through various hurdles. One website I've used that is popular in this field actually tells you if you've made through steps of resumes sorting "meets minimum qualifications" and "evaluated for special" skills before you get notified of making it to the applicant pool. So, a year ago I was make applications and not getting through the first round. Then, I could see I got through the first round. So, getting called for an interview just shows me I've made steady progress. I've talked to a few people along the way who've been helpful too. 


Anyway, I felt like it was a good interview. If I don't get a position, I may try to get together with my neighbor and ask what weaknesses I need to work on, but I'd wait on that for a little bit. 





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