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Craigslist sales question??


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I have been selling on Ebay since 1997 and Craigslist since just after it was started.  Now it has been about two years since I listed much on Craigslist and I am seeing on odd trend that I do not like.  


Two years ago it was assumed that the buyer would travel to the seller or to wherever the seller chose to meet.  Now this time around everyone is expecting that we, the sellers, are going to deliver items to them.  (We have listed and sold 7 items in the last three days)


Are we just having a run of bad luck or is this a new thing?

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I just put in my post what I am willing to do.


When I sell curriculum or portable items, I say I will meet at specific locations, because I don't like to meet at my house. I always meet at Starbucks at 3 different Targets within 15 minutes of my house. I list those options in my original post so the buyer knows what to expect.  They are public and easy to find. I offer the locations and let the seller chose which is closest to them. 


On the occasion that it makes sense to meet at my house (sold a mattress last week), then I make sure there are few people home at the time.   I would never travel to deliver for the other person's convenience. 

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I just state in my post what I'm willing to do- what the buyer expects or wants is on them. I would never deliver without an additional fee- but that's just me. We have (for vehicles) met people partway in a public setting- but that's different.


But I do think it's a more common expectation than it used to be- just like free shipping on eBay.

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