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When to start online foreign language classes? German

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Ok, son is in 8th grade.  Should we wait until high school to do official classes so they can go on the transcript and just keep going with our light home studies for a while.  He is learning German on his own (I'm no help in this area) through Duolingo and some cd's I checked out at the library but he hasn't gotten very far although he worked on it a little each day last year.  Should we just keep doing what we are doing and wait until 9th to start an online class, doing online German 1 in 9th, online German 2 in 10th and then do dual enrollment for German at the college level?  Or something else???  Wait until 11th and 12th to outsource German?

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It's fine to start now. And since he's motivated to learn it on his own, encouraged. Mine have started high school foreign language in middle school through our state's virtual school. It's a good way to either check a box for 2 years of foreign language a little early, or to allow the student to go further with the language in high school.


There are not as many online options for German, but this is one we're getting ready to start: https://germanonline.okstate.edu/


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