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Know an empty nester who took a cruise


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I'm trying to find empty nesters who were -- understandably -- upset when their youngest left. I'm hoping to find couples who took a cruise as the first line of defense against the sadness.


Do you know anyone who has done this?



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I know several friends who have gone on the Europe Viking River Cruises after they finished homeschooling.

It's been small groups of women, and they have ALL said the cruises are very safe & definitely a way to "get away from it all".


A friend and I will graduate our last ones in 2020, & are "pipe dreaming" about taking a trip like that together.


But honestly, I wouldn't be afraid of the Empty Nest.  There are just new & different possibilities. 


Here was a recent WTM thread, with some encouragement:


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I am looking forward to actually having more freedom to travel without having to work around schooling and activity schedules. So yes, I think a cruise would be fun.


But...you can't stay on a cruise indefinitely unless you own a nice yacht. Have you thought about taking a class at your local university or community college? You may want to do something towards a new career, but I'm honestly thinking along the lines of indulging a long time interest - art, medieval history, botany, writing your autobiography - that sort of thing. It would last a few months and when that's done you can decide on a next thing. Just an idea.

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