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Help me see big picture of WWS

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I totally get Lost Tools of Writing structure with the 3 canons of Invention, Arrangement, and Elocution.  And I love that it gives different tools under each canon that the students could utilize in their writing.  


In WWS1 I see that she is trying to provide similar tools to access during writing, but I can't catatorize them into the LTW canons very easily, or even see the big picture.   We will be using parts of both of these next year and I want do what I can to intergrate the thoughts at least to some small extent.  Are WWS tools in a whole different realm?? How do they fit together?  


I used WWS1 for a previous child. I was more of a loosely involved coach, but I am familiar enough with it to know that it develops the description of person, description of place, description of scientific discovery, historical sequence, etc.  But I am not familiar with classical writing in general so the big words used in WWS are just lost on me. (maybe if i read through wws2 and 3 i could see it, someone save me)


Can someone provide clarity to me?



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No clarity here.  I completely understand your problem because I have the same one.  I find WWS to be...diffuse.  I've tried to use it at least twice (maybe even three times) and each time, I've given up because I can't see the forest *or* the trees.

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You might find some clarity in the discussion in this thread from a few years ago:



I didn't fully understand where any of these curricula were going and why they were organized the way they were until I read the higher level writing books (like the OP in the linked thread). Particularly the Oxford Guide to Writing, Corbett, D'Angelo, and Warriner's Composition (which was used in my high school English. Not classical but one can see the influences).


I didn't mesh with Lost Tools very well, though I purchased it and went through the instructions myself, so I can't compare it with WWS adequately. Hopefully the thread will help.

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