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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Awake early today. Decided to get up after lying awake for an hour or so. My foot hurts and my mind is whirling - thinking about school and schedule choices for this coming year.

Cloudy here today. Might rain.
DONE Ds to swim practice  
DONE Library
DONE Grocery
Plan meals  just dinner tonight planned, but that will have to do

Make sure kids do chores and housework   some done. too tired to insist on more right now. 



Registered Ds for City Meet! A day of insane heat, crowds, and craziness. He loves it! He has figured out that he actually has an excellent chance to win his heats because all 8 kids will be very close in ability and previous times. 


Laundry started - Ds washing his sheets

Dog walked (by kids, not me)




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Good morning!


Jean, I hope your son's surgery goes well.


Scout, I hope that foot is feeling better soon!


•make menu plan and shopping list


•pay a couple bills

•bank, post office

•get groceries

•pick up prescription refill


•dinner: ??? probably pick up something at store 

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Good morning! Girls left for early practice and will head to dd2's pt appointment. Dh and I are headed up to pick up ds3 from camp. Practice and aikido are late tonight. I have to talk to the coach tonight and I am not really looking forward to that. And I am a little irked with my girls as they don't understand why the lack of planning and discipline could make the last team trip for the summer miserable for me as a chaperone. I hate being the one who gets all the complaints, yet lacks the authority to fix the situation.


To do:

General pickup

Clean kitchen

Leave for camp

Home to rest

Ds3 needs to do laundry

Others chores as needed

Leave for aikido/practice


Have a great day!

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I was awake and had breakfast fixed before sunrise. Does that count?  :001_huh: 


Goals..stay  awake & clean something





I certainly did not rise before the sun but I am here now:


Work Appointments all day but will be home sooner than usual.

Car supposed to be dropped off at shop for some minor window repair


TGIF and I am off tomorrow for a real weekend!  :)

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My foot is aching, so I soaked it in epsom salts and am now in my recliner. It is old and not pretty, but oh, so comfy. 


Dinner is eggroll in a bowl. Kids ar ejust now eating lunch, so they will not be very hungry at 6ish.


Next up:

school reading

contemplating school year schedule

remind kids to vacuum and sweep/swiffer


Need to do:

gas for my van

finish meal planning

call friends




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