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Online or iPad supplements

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Looking for some fun summer edu-tainment options but my brain is drawing a blank all my brain can think of is


Prodigy math


Reading eggs

Math seeds



I know there are more. Anyone have any suggestions?

I suppose I could also call it the summer of free trials lol

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Mystery Science has a deal right now for $49. My kids loved it. It is secular, and we are young earth Christians, so we had to occasionally discuss comments about the earth being billions of years old. Other than that, it is awesome. They love the experiements and can do them very independently.


Big Brainz Timez Attack - the iPad demo is free. This solidified my kids' multiplication facts up to tens and they loved it.


Reflex Math - I got this because it goes up to 12's and my kids love it too. There is a month free trial, and they you can get it through homeschool buyers co-op for $59.


Disney Mickey's Typing Adventure / Typlandia - totally worth it. My DD learned to type well in about a month and still loves to play the games. I think I found a deal for $19. The online version was glitchy so we got the download and it's been great.

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