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Mental Math - How to teach?

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I'm new to afterschooling and would love tips on how to teach mental math to my dd and ds, aged 6 and 4. Thank you in advance!

We spend a lot of time with number charts and counting the numbers by their "math name" and playing with counting on and counting back and a variety of base 10 manipulatives.


We play and calculate with charts and manipulatives dozens of times first and answer questions with them before the kids have to attempt the problems​ with out an aid of some kind.


My 3yo son is getting to the point where he can add/subtract whole tens, hundreds mentally. My 7yo is very good at mentally manipulating numbers

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So my tips for teaching mental math to Young kids.

--Use a number chart regularly.

--Use tangible base 10 manipulatives

--Practice counting, counting-on, counting-back widely.

--As you learn your math facts/number bonds, practice each of them widely through base 10. 5+3, 30+50, 500+300, 35 + 53, etc...

--Use number naming scheme that makes logical sense.

Name 10, 11, 12, 13, etc as 1-ten, 1-ten 1, 1-ten 2, 1-ten 3... Instead of ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen... This makes things SO much easier for kids.

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I started with recognizing numbers when grouped together for numbers up to 20 with chunky counters, ten frames or the abacus then moved to adding and subtracting with the ten frame using Addition and Subtraction Facts that Stick. Then I used Education Unboxed and Cuisenaire Rods and Base 10 to teach multiplication, division and two digit addition and subtraction with games like math war. Education Unboxed also is good for fractions, multi digit multiplication and long division. Miquon or Gattegno is a good resource too. I also plan on trying Express Math as mentioned above.

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