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American History novels with Native Americans?


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I've decided that we are going to cover American History next year and I'd like to read some novels (read alouds or independent for my 5th grader) over the summer to ease into it or start us off interested in the topic. I'd love some good middle readers about Native Americans either early colonial times or earlier. Anyone have some suggestions? Thanks!

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gr. 3-5 reading level

- Om-Kas-Toe (Thomasa) -- 1700s (?) -- pre-White-contact

- Naya Nuki (Thomasa) -- turn of century/early 1800s

- Sequoyah and Cherokee Alphabet (Cwiklik) -- biography (early/mid 1800s)


gr. 4-6 reading level

- Children of the Long House (Bruchac) -- and others by Bruchac -- late 1500s (?) -- pre-White-contact

-The Birchbark House (Erdrich) -- and others by Erdrich (mid 1800s -- BUT, the culture is very similar to that of 100 years earlier)


gr. 5-8 reading level

- Island of the Blue Dolphins (O-Dell) -- mid 1800s


gr. 6-8 reading level

- Streams to the River, River to the Sea (O'Dell) -- Sacajawea (turn of century/early 1800s)
- Sing Down the Moon (O'Dell) -- Navajo and the Long Walk of the 1860s
- Walk the World's Rim -- Southwestern tribes, 16th century Spanish conquistador

- Indian Captive (Lenski) -- true story of Mary Jemison, mid-1700s

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