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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning! 


•new hay shed is being delivered today - hopefully, they can get it down our long, wooded driveway with no mishaps

•order prescription refill

•order bridle hooks

•water plants

•refill hummingbird feeder

•run to bank and post office and vet


•finish up June bookwork

•dust and vacuum upstairs

•dinner: pasta for kids, riced cauliflower for dh and me w/shrimp, broccoli, olive oil, garlic & parmesan

•ride after dinner?

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Good morning!


Still trying to stay off my injured foot, but some driving is inescapable today.


Dd to AHG ✅

Ds to pool ✅

Return a phone call

Piano lessons ✅

Trader Joe's ✅


dinner - something from TJ's

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Good morning

- finish cleaning up living room from this weekend (we painted the master bedroom)- done enough

- dishes

- pet care- both cat and dog have fresh food and water, cat litter changed

- laundry- load in washer and dryer

- general house tidy- done

- school for dd1 (read and math) and dd2 (work on letters and counting)- grrrrr enough said

- have girls clean up their room- grrrrr

- my school stuff

- lunch- done

- dinner

- work

- crochet

- baths/showers

- bedtime routine

- anything else I get done- nap

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  • Up most of the night working.  Finally got one project out.  More due.

Kids are still at my sister's house until evening.

Need to clean out animal cages / transfer bird to other cage for vacation at sister's house.

Try to squeeze in some reading, exercise, housework.

Wash the kids' clothes after they get home.


Kids to bed.

Work? or sleep?

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Good morning!


Ds left this morning for an in-state mission trip. 


I can't really make my full plans for today until we hear from a company coming to replace the windshield in dd's car. Dh took it on a trip and got hit by a rock on the interstate. It's cracking across the driver's view. 


Might need to post as I go instead of a to-do list. 



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MooCow, ScoutTn, hope you feel better soon!


Morning, all!


To do:


vacuum/mop downstairs


take ds to get sports equipment repair


pick up some items for packing, conference this week

marinate chicken for bbq

stay cool, in the 100s again today


Have a great day!

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Good morning! We came back at midnight last night. And the house is clean! dd1 did it for me. I have to unpack from the trip and try to find my equilibrium. The meet was up and down, but at least it is over. ds3 is at tennis camp all week, so easier schedule for me.


To do:

have coffee and chat with dd1 (done)

unpack cooler/snack bags

laundry (started)

other random chores

update calendar

tickets/hotel for next travel meet


maybe nap?

figure out dinner


Have a great day!




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Monday has tackled me.


Mayo's Neurology slid me in on the 6th and tell me it could take 2 to 7 days to complete the evaluation.   (???????????????????? That's a pretty generic timeline.)  So I have had to schedule and reschedule about 8 appointments today.  Drat, but at least it is done.


In the meantime, I think the preschoolers and little girls totalled the house.... But it is a cool blanket fort.


Going to go clean, hit the library, drive L to a friend's, stop by my aunt's and see my cousin for a bit, and then come home to a roast in the crockpot.  Thank goodness for crockpots.


I do not like this level of busy.

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