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Do I buy the Lab kit for BJU DVD's 7th Life Science?


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We only watched them when my DD did the DLO course 2 years ago, and it was fine.  You can watch them and still do the lab activities in the book along with the teacher.    If you love doing labs at home, you  might want to get them but for us for 7th grade watching them was plenty (actually my dd did not watch all of the one with the cow heart dissection!  That was too much for her at the time :).   We do have a microscope and some of the slides they looked at, so she did that little bit.  I understand from a BJU rep at a convention that for the high school science courses, the labs are started on the video but not all are completed since they expect them to be also completed by the student, but for the 7th and 8th grade courses they do show all the steps.  

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