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Can I put a hold on my cable while I am away?


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I haven't called yet.  It makes me anxious to call......seriously......wade through "press 2, press 4, press 8, wait on hold, now let me transfer you, oh wait, let me transfer you again.....accidentally hung up on you.......call back, go through it all again......get the wrong answer.......call back to verify.......yup, it was the wrong answer......oh wait, so is this one.......call back, do it all again......"


I swear the above happens every time I deal with those people.


Anyway, we are going out of town for almost a month.


Can I put a hold on internet and TV for the month with the company and not be charged?  Has anyone done it?





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guess I should have googled better.  




It says a min. of 2 months.  We won't do it for that long, so I guess I can't.


I DO plan to cancel our TV service when we leave though, as we have been talking about doing without cable TV since the service went up.

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