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Who's going to tackle Saturday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Cleaned ash out of lounge room fire


Cleaned soot out from under ovens in combustion stove in kitchen


Light kitchen fire


2 loads of laundry


Vacuum main areas of house


Drive 100 km take twins to swimming lessons


Do weekly shopping


Drive 100 km home


Pack shopping away


Bring in laundry


Cook tea- roasted chicken, garlic bread, coleslaw, boiled potatoes


Fold laundry


Clean kitchen


Process twins for bed


Still to do

Clean bathroom

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Finish coffee

Get dressed 

Make my lunch (hmmm...)

Work at Farmers Market

Settle accounts afterwards

maybe make some raw food snacks


The fourth one didn't get done because when I went to leave after loading inventory into my car, my car wouldn't start.  :glare:

So I said I'd settle accounts tomorrow, and had the tow truck bring me and the car HOME. Don't want to go anywhere else today!

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Good morning!


I am not feeling very ambitious this morning, so my list is short.


•tidy house

•tell kids to carry up baskets of clean towels

•unclog two bathroom sinks that are running slow

•clean saddle

•ride horses

•dinner: salad for dh and me, kids are on their own

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Morning, all!



master bedroom 

vacuumed/mopped downstairs

kitchen dishes/countertops

plants watered


To do:

Stopping by vendor hall to look at curriculum for dd

visit with my mom


drop off very late wedding present for friend

help dd let go of 10,001 lego pieces (I think it's more, actually)

grill for dinner

watch movie


Have a great day!

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Staying off my feet today to help my ankle heal, so a very at-home and sedentary to do list.


Update budget

AHG work

School planning

Keep Dd on task doing 3 or 4 important things

piles of random desk work

Meal planning

Figure out dinner

Remind Dh that he needs to drive Dd to/from youth activity tonight



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  • Got up about 7:30 to get ready for the kids' weekend.

Packed for 2 nights at aunt's house + swimming.

Mapquest for aunt to drive them to their stuff this afternoon.

Kid 1 to horse riding.

Kid 2 to math class.

Work at Panera.

Kid 2 to horse riding.

Check in with Aunt.

Library stop to pick up holds and next middle-school book club selection.


Investigate why there's nobody else at the picnic my kids were going to.  Find out it was canceled at the last minute.  (I am disappointed.)  Told my kids to swim anyway.

Aunt is taking kids to library writing club meeting, then off to her world until Monday afternoon.

Work work work.

A little reading, housework, exercise.

Pay some bills, mail some thank-you cards.

Make an Amazon order.

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