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SAXON 54, 65, 76 - 1st Editions or 2nd Editions?

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Is there a significant difference between the first and second editions of Saxon Math 54, 65, and 76?  Does anyone have a preference?  I bought the used hardback student editions a couple of years ago.  My daughter has been working through 54 and is on Lesson 32.  I had been checking her work by working through the problems myself, which is easy enough, but to save time I recently bought a used teacher's edition for checking her answers.  I noticed today that my manual is a second edition and my daughter's is a first edition.  They mostly match, but some of the problems are different and her first edition has more problems per lesson.  Going forward, I need to get teacher's editions to match her student editions.  We currently have a mix of first and second edition student copies.

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I'm just getting started with the older Saxon math books and will be following Art Reed's suggestions. He wrote the book "Using John Saxon's Math Books". His suggestions for editions are in his September 2016 newsletter which can be found here: http://www.homeschoolwithsaxon.com/newsletterpage-2016.php.


None of my kids are using the books yet as my oldest is 7. However, I'm doing the 54 book myself ahead of my kids so that I can refresh all that math from 40 years ago. I'm using the 2nd edition of 54 and something I like very much is that in the problem set, there is a lesson number in parenthesis by each problem number so that if you get stuck on a concept (or my case - the terminology), you know which lesson to turn to for help or review.


I'm on lesson 50 of 54 so my experience with Saxon is very limited. Hope this helps though!


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I am just about to begin with 5/4, also, and have 2nd editions.  In discussion last week with someone who was familiar with first edition, he said 1st editions did not have the tiny reference number by each problem in the review set.  Also, they probably cut the number of problems in the 2nd edition  because they added the mental math/pattern/ box at the top of each lesson.  I will learn more as we go, but hopefully that is helpful.


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