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BJU Life Science--DLO or DVD?

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You can skip around as you like with both. Online has some nice little features like an online gradebook and tests being all online computer graded for 5th on up. It just depends if you want to keep up with DVDs and paper tests/grading or not. They cost the same which I find odd as usally online formats are cheaper.

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My dd14 has done Life Science and now Earth Science as DLO.  She has also taken English Lit 7 and World History.  I really like the format for the reasons mentioned by Paradox5.  Also, the assignment for each day is listed there.  The student checks off as they complete each thing (video, assignment, etc.)    I have never used DVDs, but from what I understand there are MANY for one course and I personally would not like having to deal with juggling them.  With DLO you can access from any device (just login), so there have been times we've used the ipad when the computer had a problem.  The only downside is if your internet is down, you can't get access like you could with DVDs.    They added a new feature this year that you can now "skip" lessons or parts of lessons (in the parent account) and then the student account doesn't show those as items to be completed.  


Also, on the DLO version the teacher guide is embedded in the course (in the parent's account) and all the handouts are there as well (you or the student just have to print them).  There are some handouts that come with every DLO course also.  My daughter has absolutely loved the videos -- they have added a lot for her, and it has been a great experience for her to take notes from a "live" teacher (she takes her notes usually in the textbook, but sometimes on paper).  She had Mrs. Vick (awesome teacher!) for both classes, although the Life Science has been updated this year with a new teacher.  For both Life and Earth/Space, all of the labs were demonstrated in full which was nice, because for those grades I didn't care so much about actually doing all of them but I liked that she could watch all the labs and do the lab report.  And they dissected a beef heart which I was really not interested in doing at home!

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