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Please see this film-beautiful

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http://www.foxsearchlight.com/youngatheart/ If you love rock n roll and think that senior citizens are our national treasure as I do please rent this film it is beautiful, funny and very moving. It is the best documentary I have seen this year. Keep a hankie handy because you will laugh until you cry and cry until you are all cried out...

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I spent the day at a workshop presented by Nick Hall, son of the the lead actress Eileen Hall yesterday, and he told us a little bit about the film.


Among other things, he mentioned that she survived the London Blitz in WWII, and her job was to provide entertainment for those in the bomb shelter in the underground subway system night after night as the bombs fell over London. He poignantly shared that each day when she arrived at work, she would see the empty desks of those who had not survived the night, and yet she never lost her optimism.


I bought one of his books; in the "forward: he mentions that his great-great-great grandfather was Charles Spurgeon. What a legacy!


The workshop was about how to manage stress; he had some inspiring stories to share.

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