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Science Podcasts: Does your highschooler listen?

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I know you asked for podcasts. I don't have one, but my dd15's favorite Youtube channel is The Brain Scoop.  She follows it closely.  It has inspired her to study biology and specialize in entomology. :)  She volunteers at the museum that Emily Grasslie works.  She's even met her. :)


So my 10 year old and I just sat and watched 2 episodes back to back. Thanks for the recommendation!

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Dear Science. 




They take 'Agony Aunt' letters to magazines and re-answer them with science. 



For youtube channels:


It's Okay to Be Smart      (our absolute favourite)




Fantastic! Thanks for the suggestions. (Just watched It's Okay to be Smart video about CRISPR)


The link to the dear science doesn't work.

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Oh, I'm sorry about that link. I have no idea why it wouldn't work.


Here's another way to find it: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/dear-science-abc-rn/id1217345370?mt=2 


Alternatively, you try googling Dear Science podcast. It is an Australian production, so maybe that limits its availability?



Isn't It's Okay to be Smart fabulous? I have a nerd crush on that guy  :)

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