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11th grade

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We are breaking away from using all online high school. Ds is just over having so much online work. So what it everyone doing for 11th?


Tentative Schedule:

History Odyssey- US History

Writing- Bravewriter


Science- dual credit at CC

Math- Thinkwell or TT

Extra curricular- archery, Boy Scouts, Robotics

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Math: Mathusee Geometry and Algebra 2

History:  Modern World using Human Odyssey

Science:  Chemistry (Singapore Chemistry Matters) followed by Astronomy.  Also Anatomy (Apologia Advanced Biology).

English:  Sentence Composing for High School, followed by Jensen's Format Writing.  Easy Grammar 11.  Abeka Vocabulary V.  Misc. WTM lit

French III:  French for Fluency


Drama, art, and p.e.


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Omnibus 3 for history, lit, and theology,

BJ Press Algebra 2

Dr. Wile's Discovering Designs in Chemistry

Professor Carol's Discovering Music

Expository Writing part 2 using Sharon Watson's Power in Your Hands

multiple fine arts/music credits - I'm not sure what will be affordable with time and money


I am still organizing this last year's papers, so I am not in full swing with planning yet - but this is my basic plan

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Dd's mostly at the CC now, and hoping to get her AA in Graphic Design by the time she's done, so there's some stuff that's not on a 'normal' hs transcript...  she's also thinking of getting her 4-year degree in Business, so she's getting a taste of some of those courses to see how she likes them.


Calculus probably with a MOOC from Ohio State someone here shared, and hopefully with CLEP

DO Physics

English 102 @ CC

Psychology @ CC (fall)

Macro Economics @ CC (spring)

Computer Applications (Excel, really - prereq for FA) @ CC (fall)

Financial Accounting @ CC (spring)


Then Graphic Design I, Typography, Intro to Web Design, and Color & Design (2 fall, 2 spring) @ CC

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English: AP English Lit, PAH Maya Inspecktor (She's taken Eng 1010 at CC, but she wanted more of a challenge, so we are trying AP English)

Math: Precalculus, DO (or at the CC...haven't decided yet)

Science: Chemistry, at CC or TPS

German 3, at OSU Online German

Russian 1 or Korean 1, at a university as a concurrently enrolled HS student

Linguistics, at a university as a concurrently enrolled HS student

Government & Economics, Notgrass

Intro to Computer Programming, at ???

Music/Cello lessons



DD is going to Finland on exchange this summer, so we are waiting until she comes back to finalize her courses. We are also considering using the exchange experience as a course (Finnish Cultural Exploration or something along those lines)

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Math: Second half of Saxon Advanced Math

Science: Physics (Apologia) + 1/2 Advanced Chemistry (Apologia) with second half to be finished next year

English 3: Windows to the Word, Writing the Research Paper,  Literature  (Fahrenheit 451,The Handmaid's Tale, Animal Farm, Brave New World, 1984)

Economics: AMSCO's Economics Institutions and Analysis (provably add some videos)

Government: The Everything American Government Book; Are You Liberal, Conservative, or Confused+ Study Guide; A Welcome to the U.S. Citizenship+Citizenship test

Personal Finances: Kahn Academy

Health: Prentice Hall Heath Skills for Wellness (selected chapters on Nutrition, Substance Abuse--we have covered the topic but is OK to repeat :D -, and Dealing with Stress) as she has done First Aid-Life Guarding class, and a week long Sex Education Class at Church Summer Camp, and she is physically active and understands the importance of exercising.

Spanish 3: Grammar- Espanol Esencial 3,The Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice, Audio- Destinos and Selected Podcasts, Readers-Susana y Javier, Vocabulary Building- Quizlet.--still working on details on this one.


Continue with Oil Painting Classes

Continue with PSAT and ACT prep (Kahn and AMSCO books)

Start Visiting Colleges!

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We are using:


Sonlight Core 600 for AP English Lit. and composition. Val what are you using? I am looking to "borrow" an already approved AP syllabus based on core 600. Anyone willing?  I love the core!


LofFred Calculus, have loved his other math books; want to correlate to an AP syllabus

Apologia Physics

Not sure about history - maybe a mix of Great Courses and library books


Foreign Language-Spanish



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For sure, my 11th grader this fall is doing 2 dual enrollment classes (Composition and American Film) at a CC.  He will also be doing math.   He just finished pre-calc.  I may try him CLEP up to Calc level at the CC.  So we may spend some time reviewing this fall for that.  Or we may move on.  He is going to do the ACT again next spring and is not graduating early (most DE kids here do not), so there are some advantages to waiting until next year to move to calc.  He has taken a very circuitous route in math.  Other than that, he'll be doing lit (1 classic a month) and test prep.  And music.  He takes piano, voice, guitar and participates in a 3 hour a week musical theater/opera group so I have no problem giving him a credit in music every year.  He also may go on in music in college.  He started talking about that recently. 


Other than that, I'm not sure.  He'll do 2 other spring classes through DE but can't decide before we see the schedule.  Hopefully 1 hands on science.   He does a bunch of theater and wants to stay open to auditioning for stuff.  He might drop DE in the spring for the right theater/music opportunity for that matter.


ETA - oops, I forgot, he will also be doing an online Spanish class

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AP Biology

AP Stats

US History

English 3 - American Literature

German 2 

2 band classes (unless one falls through in which case we will add in a different elective of some sort)


DD16 is doing a fitness class over the summer to knock out her last PE requirement.

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We had a plan for 11th grade, but I scrapped it when a job change required moving to a new city. Ds lost some of his extra-curriculars (concert band, steel drum band, choir). But he gained the opportunity to dual enroll at the local university, and the state awarded him 12 free credit hours of tuition. So we need a new plan before college registration on the 31st.

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Composition I @ CC

Government @ CC

US History @ CC

Geology @ CC (he did chemistry last year)

American Literature (home)

Jacob's Geometry (home - he did Algebra II last year)

Psychology (co-op)

Band (local Community Band)

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My son is dual enrolling at the CC, but doesn't want to go full time like his sisters did.


Here are his fall plans:


Calc I via dual enrollment

College Writing 1 via dual enrollment

Interpersonal Communication via dual enrollment

US History (at home with me, using Tindall's America: A Narrative History, primary sources and my syllabus)

American Literature (at home with me, using my syllabus)

Physics (at home with me, haven't decided what we'll use)


His ECs are Boy Scouts, scuba diving, sailing, and book club. 

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Here's the plan as of now:


Math -  Finish pre-calc (at home) and then start calculus with Derek Owens

Physics (Derek Owens)

English 3 -  Homegrown, working on the details now

Government (fall) - The Everything American Government Book; What You Should Know About Politics.....But Don't; HipHughes and Crash Course American Gov't videos

Economics (spring) -  Still working on details. May be at CC.

Programming - Python

German - Finish German 3,which he's working on over the summer, and start German 4 (OSU)

AP Statistics - PAHS


ECs: Computational Linguistics Club, Irish Dance, Tennis, piano,

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