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How many levels of Writing and Rhetoric did you use, and...

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The first levels of Writing & Rhetoric only came out four years ago, with a couple new books each year, so anyone using it at grade-level would not yet have made it to high school. I started using it with my middle child when she was in 4th grade and have used it at almost the recommended pace of two books/year since then (in four years we have made it to the middle of book 7). She is only going in to 8th grade this fall, though, so I am not concerned with whether she is prepared for high school level writing yet. Our plan is to finish book 7 and do book 8 this coming school year.


The books gradually get deeper in the level of thinking and analysis that they expect from the student, and the lessons definitely get *much* longer and require a substantial amount of writing from the student, so in that regard I think my daughter will be well-prepared to think about and write on a variety of topics when she reaches high school. If you are asking whether it teaches the five-paragraph essay...no, it does not. But that would be significantly shorter and easier than what she is writing even now, so if it is ever required of her she will be able to knock out a decent one with little effort.



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