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A Gentle Feast vs CMI Alveary

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Hi ladies

I've been seeing a lot lately about A Gentle Feast curriculum and Charlotte Mason Intitute's Alveary. Can anyone compare the two and tell me pros and cons of both if you have used them? Also - how would you compare them to Ambleside and Simply Charlotte Mason?


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I have not used either, but from perusing the sites, I would say a big difference is Ambleside is free. These look better laid out for daily lessons. Let us know what you choose and how you like it!

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I have not used either A Gentle Feast or CMI's Alveary but I'm looking at and agonizing over both for next year. (Actually fell asleep last night with samples in my bed!!) The differences that I can see so far are that Alveary is going to come with a lot more details and support - like the private Facebook group, videos to show how to do certain things, and has more detailed lesson instructions (telling you exactly what to do vs. just listing which chapter to read). A Gentle Feast, on the other hand, looks better if all I want is a list of what to do for each week. One minute I think Alveary looks better for the support then the next minute Alveary looks way too detailed. One minute AGF looks like a nice, concise plan and then the next minute it looks like not enough details.


The other difference I've seen in looking at both programs is that Alveary will only have one history time period available at a time. I think next year is 1650-1800 appx. A Gentle Feast is divided into 4 different time periods and you can choose which one to use. I'm looking at the White year which is 1650-1800 and the same as Alveary. These are both new programs so I don't know if we'll find anyone that has used both.


Decisions, decisions! Good luck to you.


ETA: Oh, AGF does not seem to have foreign language while Alveary has both French and Spanish included. For that reason, my husband is leaning towards Alveary.

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