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Glencoe? Grammar, Spelling & Vocab?

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I was curious to see if anyone has used Glencoe's grammar, spelling & vocabulary for middle school? My son will be in 8th grade this upcoming school year & I am considering this as an option. However, I really am not familiar with the curriculum they offer. Is it enough? How teacher intensive is it in regards to prep? Any advice is welcome.


My son is used to Wordly Wise for spelling/vocabulary, so I very well may stick to that. I really don't know as far as grammar though.


Oh, and what about the Glencoe science? Anyone use it?


Thanks so much!

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I've used Glencoe Florida Science (8th â€‹http://glencoe.mheducation.com/sites/0078693918/index.html) for several years now. It's a little dry, but gets the job done as a spine.Got it super cheap for TE, SE, and CD with printable workbooks, etc on eBay - like $10-15 for the collection.  For the most part, the labs were good. Used many of the virtual labs in a pinch. I supplement with Bill Nye, BrainPop, etc. as interest allowed as well as read alouds, Tinker Crates, and field trips. 


Sorry, not familiar with the Grammar/spell/vocab as we used Holt Literature in the middle grades. 

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