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Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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It's decided not to storm to day, so:


gardening (hopefully finish removing sod, create mulch paths, transplant)

     ^^I'm seriously considering jettisoning pretty much everything else today just to get. this. done.

     *I smell like a goat and I swear I've been outside for hours, but I have no idea what I've accomplished.


IF it stays normal, though:

chores (feed things, dishes, laundry, vanities, kitchen counters, bathrooms, sweep)

seat work

read aloud


clean out hamster cage

test fish tank water

dinner -- leftovers



Today is fail.


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Good morning, ladies!  :grouphug: ScoutTN.  How is your mom doing?




-workout (combo of cardio and light weights)


-make sure oldest texts baseball coach that he will miss practice today

-make sure oldest reads an hour and finished his writing for tutoring session today

-make sure youngest reads an hour and finishes a page of algebra word problems

-sign oldest up for Mr. D Math summer program to get ready for Algebra II Honors (he will be thrilled....)

-read and relax

-stalk Fed Ex man for delivery of my new sports bra that has taken 10 days to get from CA to FL

-wait for gutter guy to come and evaluate the state of our gutters and leaking

-take youngest to buy some clothes for the cruise

-beg oldest to evaluate his cruise clothes situation

-dinner (DH out of town so whatever everyone can scrounge up for themselves)

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Good morning! Still waiting for my migraine to be over and done with. This one is a real doozy. 


•more office work

•get bank deposits and mail ready


•I should do some cleaning, but it's doubtful that will actually happen

•hopefully, the wind damage on our roof will get fixed today

•make menu plan and shopping list

•go to bank and post office

•get groceries


•pick up something for dinner

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Good morning! It is driving day Thursday. Anything I need to get done has to happen between 10 and noon. So let's see...


To do:

take ds3 to tennis

pick up dd2

clean kitchen


hang a curtain

general pickup

at least one weekly chore

pick up ds3

45 min to rest

drive to faraway pool

a couple forgotten things at the grocery store


ds2 to judo


Have a great day!

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Morning, all!


Goal today is to stay cool, in 100s here today.  I'm not ready...


To do:

Ds out the door for placement test

schedule dr appts, sports physical for dd

library (never got there yesterday)

Start math review with dd

Watch IEW videos 


vacuum/mop downstairs

work on front entry way, dining room table

lesson planning

no clue for dinner


Have a great day!


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  • Got up about 4am.

Got some work out early.

Packed for the kids' overnight.

Kids ready & drove them to camp.

Cleaned up the kitchen, bathrooms, and some clutter.

Work work work.

A little reading, exercise, housework on work breaks.

Hey, don't forget to pay estimated tax!!

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Got to sleep in!  I actually got 7 hours of sleep!


pet care done

medical care done

dishwasher emptied

got call that a prescription that I didn't even know was ordered is ready for me so I guess I have to put the compounding pharmacy on the ist


Now I'm going to hop in the shower etc. so that I can cross "human care" and all that entails off of the list. 

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Jean, I'm glad you got some good sleep! 


Scout, I hope your mom is doing well today.


My migraine finally went away.  :)


•school is in progress

•got my menu plan and shopping list done

•did a couple loads of laundry

•cleaned the kitchen

•I'm about to tackle some paperwork and then head into town for errands and groceries. Need to remember to get Father's Day cards and a birthday card and cake ingredients for ds.

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Selkie, sorry about your migraine!  :grouphug:


Pink and Green, thanks for asking! Mom is doing ok. Recovery for surgery is not easy anytime, but when you are 80, it is extra hard. So far she's well enough to complain that the jello and chx broth taste bad! :lol:  I was there this morning briefly and will check back in tonight. She is so tired! She will be in the hospital all weekend then move to rehab next week. 


Swim practice was cancelled because of rain and storms, so Ds and I ran a couple errands and came home.

Dinner is figured out and all the items here, but not yet made. 

I figured out what to get Ds, but need an hour or so away from him to purchase. Still no clue what to get Dh.


Next up:

fold and put away one load of laundry

update budget

dinner prep


evening swim practice for Ds, if the weather clears


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