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How to Have Fun--AKA Help Me Plan My Anniversary


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We have a big anniversary coming up.


I'd love to do some traveling and get away with the hubby for 3-4 days without the kids.


I can't figure out what to plan. Ive struggled with this quite a bit over the years. I'm a homebody, but stay home will not be what I have in mind. On the farm, staying home means we'll WORK.


So what's fun?


In the past we've done hiking and state parks. I LOVE New Orleans, but my dh is kind of MEH on that idea.


Charleston sounds appealing, if only because I love old cities and old buildings.


What would you plan for a big anniversary?


International travel is out. I can't leave the farm or kids for that long.


What's fun?

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Where are you traveling from?  Flying or driving?  Either, if it's a cheap flight. What kinds of things are you guys looking to do?  I have no idea!!!! Or rather...what DON'T you want to do?


What I don't want to do.



Shop, at least at malls and shopping centers. In interesting shops, I can do a little of that.

I prefer to avoid amusement parks, and touristy stuff  where there's huge crowds. 


Things we like:



Walking in small towns.


The outdoors.


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Mackinaw City Michigan is fun and unique. No cars allowed on the island so it is all walking, biking, or horses.

You could fly into Grand Rapids MI. Rent a car and drive up along the Lakeshore. Sleeping Bear dunes is awesome, esp if you haven't done the great lakes before. The. Spend 2 nights on the island and drive back.

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Monterey Bay, California--lots of nice walking paths, not too touristy, probably some bookshops, nice picnicking spots, bikes to rent, whale watching, small shops and restaurants


Chicago has nice museums, but obviously not a small town vibe. :)

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Kennebunkport, Maine is magical.


Lake Tahoe is gorgeous, one of the most beautiful places in the country.  No bookstores, though.  You have to bring your own.


Kauai has hiking as well as beaches.


Bora Bora is my favorite place I have ever been, but it's too far for a short trip.  

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