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Bible Study For 2

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Not sure if you are wanting a book study about the Bible, in which case I  suggest Multiply by Francis Chan (with online videos and even online PDFs if you don't want to pay for the book). http://multiplymovement.com/ 


If you want to read the Bible together, I would get a study Bible in your favorite version (ESV for me) and take a book at a time, reading the introduction and notes.



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We are planning to go through the Bible together using The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Study by Starr Meade https://www.christianbook.com/important-youll-study-survey-bible-complete/starr-meade/9781433511820/pd/511820


If we were doing a topical study, I think it would be neat to study a book of the Bible such as Daniel (courage in the face of opposition/death) or Acts (spreading the Gospel) alongside a missionary account such as God's Smuggler.

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N.T.Wright'd Everyman series is very good.  I used it with an advanced grade 5 student but it was written for adults - it works for many levels of reader.  Each follows one book of the Bible, with Bishop Wright's translations of the passages and a commentary following.  He includes some useful historical context, but the main focus is a reflection on the meaning of the text for Christians.

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