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Anyone know of good quality, good tasting, chewable or gummy type vitamins and supplements?


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For teens or adults who do not like to swallow pills or take spoonfuls of liquids.


Would like to find in good tasting form: multi-vitamin ideally with minerals; B-complex (currently using nutritional yeast when it goes well on something so also more ideas for how to utilize nutritional yeast could help) or separate B vitamins; fish oil.


We tried an "Alive" multi-vitamin gummy and B gummy, and a couple other chewables and so far they have all been detested except for Jarrow brand methylcobalamin B12 sublingual.



And recipes for easy tasty snacks that would help get in some vitamins, minerals, etc. would be appreciated.  Such as popcorn with nutritional yeast and kelp granules.


Would like to avoid any more sugar than needed, artificial flavors and colors, GMOs ...   

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I went through a lot of brands of chewables trying to find something dudeling would take.   when I started him with an ND - she was fine with the brand.  (so they're good).


rainbow light gummy bear essentials.


it actually made a noticable difference in his functioning.  but he was a super super picky eater.

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Thank you for all the suggestions.  I ordered one of the suggested gummies above which sounds like it has a good group of vitamins in it for us.  Am hopeful that it will taste good.  If not, i'll try another.

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