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Pre pointe class "Demi pointe" shoes


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Did your ballet girl's pre pointe class use pre pointe/ Demi pointe shoes or stay in regular slippers till real pointe shoes?


Just curious.


Dd is moving up to pre pointe for summer classes, taking classes at 2 different studios. One requires Demi pointe shoes to get the feel for them & the other does not.

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I went en pointe for the FIRST time when I was 45yo. The year leading up to that, my instructor highly recommended

pre-/demi-pointe shoes "to get the feel" of it. Because soft leather ballet slippers and the hard box of pointe shoes feel and

affect your feet much differently. Can you go from using soft leather or canvas ballet slippers straight to pointe, with the proper

ballet training? Yes. I think it's personal choice, really, but I'm glad I bought the pre-pointe shoes, even if it was just psychological:

I really felt like I was advancing in my skill!

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Our studio (classical RAD) hasn't used them in the past, DD went straight to pointe shoes.


But this year for the first time, they're going to try them with the group of girls that will be going en pointe a year from now.



My DD has to wear them for her RAD exam next spring, she's not thrilled about that.

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