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Best Vocabulary workbook with word and root study for SAT and college prep??

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Looking for a comprehensive vocabulary workbook with word and root study for SAT prep and college prep that is fairly concise yet very comprehensive with extensive words and roots studied (as in 5000 to 10,000 words).


I know SAT de-emphasized vocab but the current Barron's says that vocab is still important for reading selections.


Also, I know the word list number I gave sounds crazy but Miller's Word Wealth covers 5,000 to 10,000 words in its book. I just wish it was workbook format.


Also, I am hoping for more advanced vocabulary that ramps up quickly for a kid that has a pretty good vocab.

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You might want to take a look at these SAT flash cards.  I have the set, but it's hard for me to evaluate, though I can say that I pretty much know most of the words in the box.  Since vocab is less emphasized on the SAT, these word would be a good check on the basics.  But I'm really no SAT expert, and I don't know how helpful these would be for your student.  


We have used WWW, and I think it's good for more advanced vocab prep.  We read the word definitions and the etymologies, but skip everything else.  I put them onto flash cards, and my dd takes the exams in the parent manual at the end of the week.  


But some of the words in WWW are pretty obscure.  My dd complained that she has learned no fewer than 3 synonyms for "tightrope walker."  


I have Worldly Wise sitting on my shelf and it looks really great, but I can't convince my dd to use it.  

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We like vocabulit. It only covers around 350 words per level, but there is root work and standardized test prep pages. It doesn't take lots of time to do, and teaches words in context. Since it's "common core" aligned, I assume the SAT covers similar standards. There's already-done quizlet sets linked from the Perfection Learning website.

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