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MCT WWTW 2 ... are both books needed?

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In the newest version, is everything from the student book in the parent book? On the website it says that it is. But it also says you need the student and parent books.


Could I just buy the parent book? Or are the answers for analogies and classic words already highlighted? Thanks!

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The useful thing in the parent book for me were the exams.  Since the exams are cumulative, I really liked not having to create them myself.  What I didn't like was the the answer key was often on the facing page as the exam.  Would it have killed them to put it at the back of the book?  


We didn't care for the analogies and classic words so we just ended up skipping them anyway.  

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Daijobu... thx! I agree, I like exams. My DD likes the analogies and classic words. She loves everything except the history readings. Lol. I photocopy the quizzes. Otherwise we mostly do it out loud together. Then she does quizlet for studying. I just want to save money if I can.... i am worried that I will buy just the parent book, and something will be missing, or the answers already filled in. Then I'll have to buy the student book and pay for shipping yet again. Sigh (I wanted to buy used ones, but DD insisted on new)

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