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Autism Certification Center (Ohio boardies esp.)

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Has anyone used this? autismcertificationcenter.org


It's free to residents of Ohio, and accredited for CEU for certain professionals.


I'm not sure how much it costs if you're not in Ohio. (I keep an Ohio address, so I used that when registering).


I did the intro and the School Age course. I thought it was good. A lot of the stuff I had already picked up from reading the posts here and other stuff on the web and books. But it was good to see some of the terminology shown in real life practice. I'm a person who needs to see things to really get how it's supposed to be done, so I found that helpful.


I might start working on the other courses, not sure. 


For the light Asperger's like my kid's, it wasn't always clear how to translate the therapies used with kids with apraxia to someone as (overly) verbal as my kid. But when I hear the therapy talked about, at least I know what exactly it is and one way it's used.


Just wanted to share, in case others might find it useful.

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Thanks for sharing.


The cost for outside of OH is $90 for a 6 month subscription or $150 for a 12 month one. It has CEU's for a number of different OH-based professional associations but not any national ones are listed.


I will probably watch the free intro webinar but I've already spent $$$ on training seminars this year so I will just put this one on my list of things to consider later.

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