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Interesting article on being married to a man with Asperger's


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No. Nothing could make him do that. He wants to stay here until retirement. Conflicts between his job and mine are the primary conflict of our marriage. And I've lost every time.



Yeah, I have lost too, well, until recently, when we sat down and compared retirement plans and he realized how much better it would be to retire from my previous job.....now he is more willing, but not sure it comes down to my feelings as much as it comes down to practicality for him.

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If I didn't constantly flick my fingers, become mute when stressed, and wear the same outfit everyday, I'd probably think I was just INTJ too. I don't feel autistic, so much as I just have too many of the symptoms!


Actually, I always felt there was "something" different about me, and autism has nicely put a name on that something. A label can really help you make sense of your narrative.

This is interesting because I have an INTJ in my life whom we all suspect is on the spectrum. She consistently blames all of her quirks on being INTJ.

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