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anyone here live in or near boone, nc


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We don't live there but are a little bit familiar with the area (we live about 90 minutes from Boone). And DS18 is headed to App State in August.

We are going to tweetsie railroad for day out with thomas this week and out short trip looks like some rain is expected. I was trying to come up with some indoor activities.

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Gem mining?  http://www.foggymountaingems.com


Mystery Hill?  is just a short drive away in Blowing Rock.  http://www.mysteryhill-nc.com


Linville Caverns...but it's about an hour away from Boone and maybe your kids are too young to enjoy it.  Unless they like caves.


We frequent West Jefferson a fair bit (maybe 30ish minutes from Boone) and there's cheese factory, where you can can see cheese being made.  But it's not super exciting...just something to do if you happen to be nearby. :p  (But they have a gift shop and some of the cheese are tasty...)

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Indoor activities could be challenging. It's an area that's very much outdoor oriented!


There are lots of shops in Blowing Rock (including an outlet mall) and on King Street in Boone. And some very good restaurants. But those probably aren't exactly what you were thinking of in terms of indoor activity.


Your older two would maybe enjoy Linville Caverns, although the bit where they turn the lights off might be scary. Shoot, that level of complete darkness scared me a little. ;)

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We did the gem mining last year. They woukd probably like it again though. It is a toss up on the caverns. My oldest would love the idea of it but he is terrified of the dark. My second is just a scardey cat about everything. Maybe too much for 2 parents and 3 scared kids. We did mystery hill last year. My oldest would actaully love the cheese making. He is nuts about how things are made. Are there any bounce houses, trampoline places anything like that?

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Any suggestions on good places to eat that isnt too upscale we would hate to bring the kids, but not fast food either.


Macado's in Boone. Don't miss the cinnamon rolls!


Come Back Shack in Boone if you need more burgers and fries type food fast food. I know you said not fast food but it's a really big local favorite, not a chain. Very popular with the college kids.


Foggy Rock Eatery in Blowing Rock.


ETA: If southern style comfort food served family style interests you then the Daniel Boone Inn in Boone.

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