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Who's going to tackle Saturday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Milk cow


Feed twins


Drive dd17 to friends' house 1/2 house each way




Vegetable gardening, prepared garden bed and planted crop of red onions


Weed 1/3 flower garden


2 loads laundry


Make huge pot of thick roster soup


Pasta for tea


Bath twins and process off to bed


Still to do clean bathroom

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Good morning!


I went out extra early to do horse chores because it is going to be a scorcher today and for the next several days as well. I am such a wimp when it comes to heat and humidity!


•tidy up house

•a few loads of laundry

•a little bit of paperwork


•give horses baths

•do some online birthday shopping for ds

•dinner: I'm having a no-cooking weekend, so everyone is on their own.  :thumbup1:

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  • Got the kids up for horse camp / math class.  Auntie is driving them around so I can work.


So that means I should probably be working right now.


Kids have a writing club in the afternoon.  Should I cancel it, take the kids, or ask the auntie to drive them?  It's at a library so I can work there ... but is it worth negotiating with the boss for the 40 minutes of round-trip driving?


Work work work.


Squeeze in a little reading, exercise, personal work.


Kids - get them to do some work if they skip the writing class.


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Maybe I'm hormonal or just need more coffee, but a facebook notification just made me want to smack somebody.


Invitation to help with setup for xyz event.


Actually I received 2 invitations, presumably for 2 days of setup.


I saw the earlier post that you need volunteers.  I didn't respond because I got no time for that.  I know you don't want to hear it, but having 2 massive government deadlines in the last 2 weeks of June kind of cramps my style.  I'm sorry, I really like to do volunteer work but now is not the time.  Yes, I know you all are working very hard for my rotten kids and I never pitch in.  Well your camp is always the week before my annual big-ass deadline, so that's not gonna change.  Sorry about that.  I do pay tuition and donate money every year.  This year I bought and ate a shitload of Easter candy for your fundraiser (and have spare tires to prove it).  But no, I will not be volunteering in June.


I appreciate all that the volunteers do.  The fact is that most if not all of the volunteers are people who don't have jobs in the summer.  Either they are teachers or SAHMs or students.  (And my kids will be volunteers starting next year when they age in.)  Many are staying in a hotel - they have dedicated the whole week to this camp.  That is great!  I cannot do that though.  I'm lucky if I get time to eat and sleep that week.


This is not the only "volunteer opportunity" I'm rejecting around this time.  The scouts have sent me several.  They are also having a Chipotle fundraiser while I'm gonna be on a Nordic cruise.  Oh well, I guess I'm a slacker.


OK so now I shall go back to facebook and hit whatever button tells the organizers that I suck.  Then get back to work.

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Good morning

- dishesin dishwasher

- quick house tidy- done enough

- pack up for beach- done

- pack a lunch- done

- pet care- litter box cleaned, dog and cat both have food and water

- get dd2 in sunscreen and swim suit- done

- pick up dd1 from dh's work (his working on a piece of equipment that he needs and dd1 wanted to spend time with him)- done

- go to beach- there

- dinner- meat pulled to thaw

- baths

- study

- bedtime routine

- anything else I get done

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SKL, no guilt for not volunteering. Save the guilt for something important!

I was up early to take ds2 to judo, dh took the swimmers to the faraway pool and will pick him up. Ds1 is at work and will head out to see and stay with friends this weekend. I painted two chairs and would do more but 1. Am out of paint 2. It will be too hot by the time I get some more.


To do:


Daily chores

Finish weekly chores

Research some house stuff



Take dd2 to birthday party

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Morning, all!  


To do:


pedicure to rescue broken nail

car in for oil change


visit with my mom

maybe stop at a few garage sales  

clean camera and lenses

vacuum upstairs, continue work on master bedroom

something to bbq for dinner


Have a great Saturday, everyone :thumbup1:



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