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Binding Machine?

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Do you have a binding machine? If so, what kind? I spent last night printing the hundreds of pages of the Good and the Beautiful curriculum and instead of hole punching them all I hauled them down to Office Depot to bind them up. I am not a PDF curriculum user but after the bundle sale I see the appeal. So...it looks like it might be time for a binding machine.


If you have a proclick what are the pros and the cons? What about a traditional comb binding machine? Any favorites?


Does anyone have a thermal binding machine? They look super neat and so fast. I am just not sure the best route to go. I also don't want to spend a fortune on binding supplies as it would end up defeating the purpose of saving money via PDF.


I could use wisdom and advice :)

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I have a comb binder, fellowes, I think. It binds up to 125 pgs no prob. I spent, meh, $75? For the machine and 1" combs. I'm not sure how much professional binding costs but where we are overseas, these things are hard to find. I've already bound three books in the last month.

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How in the world did I miss that post!? Thank you! Super helpful!


I am really curious about the thermo binding machine too though. Do most homeschoolers prefer spiral bound to book binding? I guess it would probably be a pain for workbook pages the student needed to work with. I think I will just go with the proclick. It looks nifty :)

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