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math 1 or math 2 subject test?

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We're having trouble figuring out whether my daughter should take the math 1 or math 2 subject test.  I know this is a common kind of question!  She took math 1 at the end of 10th grade after finishing Algebra 2.  She did okay on it, but would like to do better.  She's trying to decide whether to study to retake math 1, or just skip to math 2.  She will likely want to major in physics or a similar field but is not planning to apply directly to a science program, and she's not planning to apply to top-tier selective colleges.  However, she has her eye on colleges that have moderate selection criteria and she needs to get some merit aid.  When I look around at advice about which test to take, I see that usually math 2 is suggested for after precalculus, but also that it has a wicked curve and therefore a kid who is strong in math and science but perhaps not at the top might want to reconsider.  We'd be grateful for any advice from people who have more experience with this!

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The subject tests are mostly irrelevant below the top tier. There are only nine schools left that absolutely require them, and fourteen recommended, and maybe another 40 or so that consider them.


See Compass Guide page 58





You are ready for math 2 if

1. You have completed math through at least Precalculus

2. You can score a 700 or close to it on a math 1 practice test (from the college board, not a prep book, since those vary)

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