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The One Thing After Another Teachers Lounge 6-8-2017


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Good morning and welcome to the Lounge!


Today's theme comes from my week: first I wasn't sleeping, now I'm sleeping but my schedule is constant interruptus.

Yesterday I had the a/c guy come and he was here longer than expected so I had to cancel a 1pm appt. I was supposed to pick up

supplies for my farmers market gig last night, but their shipment was delayed so that got pushed to this morning. I actually did get

swim team t-shirt samples last night and was hoping to display them today but due to the farmers market hiccup, I have to go pick up those

supplies today, during the time I wanted to be at swim practice answering questions on t-shirts. And not only do I have to go pick up those 

supplies this morning, that puts me late at getting dd to her volunteer job. Oi!


Anyone else have lifus interruptus this week? Here: see above!


Anyone else down to pennies in their bank account and not getting paid until next week? Here: I wouldn't ask if I couldn't relate!


Anyone else put raw cow's milk in their coffee? (yes, that's a way OT question) Here: just started this week. It's rather filling!


Talk to me! :bigear:

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Lifus Interruptus: The pneumonia thing kind of interrupted everything for me.


Pennies: Fun spending money, yes.  Bank account is full, though, because I save money toward our regular bills every paycheck and that's the majority of where our money goes.  I always have one extra month's worth in there.


Raw cow's milk and coffee: I don't drink coffee and I'm lactose intolerant and hate the taste of milk (including raw milk) with a passion.  So, no lol

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Butter, well hating the taste of milk could definitely dissuade you! LOL. However, in talking with the farmer I bought it from,

he's done a ton of research and found that people who are normally lactose intolerant and/or allergic to dairy, the majority of those

can actually handle raw milk. I am lactose intolerant when it comes to store-bought milk. But I seem to be handling the raw milk just fine.

I really only drink it in my coffee so maybe  that's why?


Anyway, came back from my hectic morning out and about. Now need to see how many groceries I can fit into a small amount of money.

It would be nice if I could save regulary but with dh's "salary" being what it is, we just barely cover food, bills, and gas. There's really not 

much wiggle room. And the visit from the a/c guy yesterday didn't really help, either.

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Margaret, yes, you're supposed to get paid. But that doesn't mean that if you do, it will cover much of anything! :-P

If I didn't know Jesus as Jehoveh Jirah (Provider), I might stress a lot more than I do! I'm pretty much at peace with our way lack of

funds right now. Not sure if that's 'cause I've totally surrendered this to Him or I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop! LOL

Either way, I'll survive. I much preferred when we were on the side of being able to help out than needing to be helped out!

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There haven't been any appointments this week. Next week will be much worse.  


It's tech week for my 2 theatre boys. Last night with the dress rehearsal, and it went well. Tonight we're going to watch the member's performance tonight. All the performances will be finished by Saturday night. 


My friend used to get raw milk and I'd have lattes at her place with it. So delicious! I haven't had one in a couple years, though.

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wintermom, adding the raw milk to my coffee has helped me feel fuller in the morning so if I have to head out the door in a rush

it's not a big deal if I haven't had breakfast yet. I DO like that effect!


You're always welcome to come visit and we'll chat over delicious lattes!

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Incessant interruptions, at least to MY plans. Perhaps not to God's?! ;) That perspective is hard to keep in the midst of things though. Running short on humor right now.


At the hospital with my mom waiting on an upper GI ultrasound. They are running 2.5 hours late, so far.


I had the cream off our raw milk in my coffee this morning. We get a fallon of raw milk each week. Yum! Best milk ever.

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