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Apologia Exploring Creation

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Since there's no geology textbook, I bought a geology book from Master Books and just stuck in on the bookshelf, hoping they'd pick it up and read it on their own. I don't think that strategy had too much success. (I did have success with that strategy when I bought the two other zoology texts that I knew I wasn't going to cover formally). A small bit of geology was hit in the geography course we did one year. A small bit of geology is covered in Apologia's grade 7 General Science book. This year I'm planning to buy my younger a rock & mineral field guide, since she seems to be interested in that sort of thing. That's it.


I seem to remember hearing a long time ago that Apologia was planning to come out with a geology book. I have no idea if that is still in the works or what the timeline is for publication.

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I did Geology as our first science study. I really love Apologia but I ended up using RS4K textbook and an experiment book for Geology called "Rock On!" It was easily to implement the experiments and my kids got alot out of it. I also checked out a few books on each topic from the library. It was a nice, easy intro to the basics. My kids were 6,6 and 7.

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