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World Religions/Cultural Geography Book Recs?

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I'm putting a World Religions course together for my tenth grader. We're secular and I'm thinking of doing it as sort of a cultural geography perspective. It can be pretty intensive, I'd send her to do a class at the local cc, but I think she'd find it slow and not challenging enough.


I'm mostly looking for living books that cover both what people of various religions believe and how they live out those beliefs. Extra points for talking about denominational differences and how they got there. We covered a lot of this haphazardly in history but I'm looking for something more systematic. I want her to know the difference between Sunnis, Shi'ites, Sufis and Wahhabis, how those divisions came about historically, how they play out in the modern world, not just on the broader political stage, but in day to day life, and the theological underpinnings adherents use to support those differences. Not just with Islam, but all the major world religions. I'm thinking of expanding the class through out the rest of high school, so feel free to throw lots of books at me.


I'm also specifically looking for something that takes a part of the OT and shows the differences in how Jews, Catholics, Mainline Protestants, Evangelicals and Muslims interpret the text. If something like this exists around the Tower of Babel story, that would be perfect.

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