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Help gift ideas for my soon to turn 7 year old girl...

Mama Geek

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Friends and family want to know what to get her.  She has tons of stuff like dolls, nerf guns, legos, stuffed animals, craft stuff, markers, crayons, chalk, sidewalk chalk, games, movies, books, pool toys, a bike, skateboard, roller skates, hair stuff, play jewelry as well as some nice necklaces.  We tend to travel with dh while he is working so reasonably portable would be nice too or consumable.  

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More games? Sorry, just reread your post and noticed "games" squished in there. What about knitting our crochet?


Left, Center, Right (LCR) is good for waits in restaurants or airports.


Set is nice and uses your brain, 7 was when my dd started to understand how to play, but it might be a little early for that.


24 Game is challenging, but there are varieties to match her math skills.


Rush Hour is a good game for solo play.


Rat-A-Tat Cat is great and the math content is probably good for a 7yo.

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Magic Pen/Invisible Ink books

Those mini Dover sticker activity books, or the big sticker books where you put stickers in designated spaces

Etch a sketch

Playmobil makes some little sets in portable carry cases, lots of small pieces though.

If she is good on roller skates, maybe heel wheels for her shoes?

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Vintage Polly Pockets, the sort where the entire toy is the size of a makeup compact. You can get them cheap off eBay and etsy

Needles, thread, fabric, and a book of simple patterns

An origami kit

A knitting, crochet, or needlework kit

A subscription to a magazine such as Spider

Movie tickets

A chinese jump rope and a book of instructions

A regular jump rope and a book of playground games, some of which aren't much played anymore so they'll be new to her

A book on making your own codes

That Klutz book on paper airplanes

That Klutz book on paper dolls (or any other)

More games (can't go wrong with that!)

A set of jacks and marbles, and instructions if she's never played before

Tickets to the nearest amusement park, museum, or zoo

And, even at seven, some kids appreciate a donation to a charity they really like, although they also appreciate a small token to go with that donation, perhaps a bit of candy or a bottle of nail polish.


(And congrats at 5000 posts!)

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Things my girls like(d) at that age:

Cute purse

Hair things



Gift cards (Disney, American Girl Doll, etc)

Plush blanket

Scented hand sanitizer

Coloring books

Age appropriate magazine subscription

Pjs with a favorite character

Doll accessories

Fun themed calendar

Movie tickets/event tickets

Candy or some other treat


Woodzees animals from Target (like calico critters)

Gel pens

Dd9 has a favorite stuffed dog and loves accessories for him (collar, sweaters)




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