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What are your favorite make-ahead & freeze meals?

Vida Winter

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Not to hijack, but FlipFlops, I would love make ahead IP recipes that are paleo friendly please :)


Hmm, our primary ones are not paleo. Our favorite one involves honey and ketchup, so probably not appropriate! I'll link what I do have. My basic method is to put all ingredients uncooked into a 64 oz container (plastic, which I hate, but it's best for freezing and the largest I could find) and freeze it. When it comes time to cook, thaw the container until you can pop out the frozen "puck," put it in the IP on Saute for a few minutes so it can thaw and create some liquid so the IP seals, then cook for the allotted time. If a recipe doesn't specify a time to cook from frozen, I add 5-7 minutes to the unfrozen cook time.


This seems to be the one I can offer you:




This isn't an IP recipe, but this is how I make it:


Throw everything but coconut milk in the pot and cook on manual for 15 minutes. Natural release for 10 minutes. Add coconut milk after pressure release.


I usually skip the lime (because I don't have it handy), and I make it with boneless/skinless thighs and breasts. The breasts are a little drier, but still delish.



HOWEVER, it's pretty easy to look at an IP recipe and see if it will freeze. If it doesn't have ingredients in it that won't freeze well (dairy, potatoes), and if it doesn't have multiple steps, then you should be able to drop it all into a container and freeze it. I've frozen a white chicken chili (I got rid of the recipe because we didn't like it, but any white chicken chili should work), honey bourbon chicken (that's the one that's not paleo at all), a chili lime chicken thing... I don't worry about sauteeing things like onion or garlic too much--it doesn't make so much of a flavor difference in the IP to me.


Also, look at the OAMM site (I'm not affiliated, they have just have great recipes):





There may be a couple more. I've made lots of successful meals from there.


These are containers I use:




They shape the food so that it fits quite nicely into the IP. 7-cup Pyrex bowls will also make food that fits, but they're slightly smaller and more prone to breakage given the temperature extremes. (To be clear, the containers don't go in the IP, so you'll have to thaw them a bit to get the food out.)


This FB group thread got me started on this method, so it might be useful to you.



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