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Just curious, why do you send your dc to ps?

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Thanks, 8! You are a tremendous encouragement!

Thanks. I try to be. In today's homeschooling world with so much focus on co-ops and outsourced classes, parents are less secure about homeschooling than yrs ago. It really is counter to what it should be. Today there are so many more excellent resources available that actually make homeschooling at home so much easier. It just makes me sad when people stop homeschooling because they are convinced by others that they are doing their kids a disservice. If parents do not want to homeschool or school is a better option for a family, that is one thing. But, when parents are undermined by outside positions that tell them they can't provide an excellent education at home because _______, that is reminiscent of the arguments back in the 90s. We have come full circle but it is homeschoolers eating their own b/c now so many homeschoolers tell other homeschoolers they can't do it at home and that they need co-ops or need outsourced teachers bc _________. I meet far too many new homeschoolers who are surrounded by homeschoolers telling them why they need to be involved in X bc it is superior to what you can do at home and that it is impossible to achieve at home without them.


I am not saying that homeschooling is always the right choice or that there aren't valid reasons for sending kids to school. Many of the concerns over relationships expressed in this thread are serious issues and not homeschooling can be the best choice.

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