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The Good and the Beautiful History

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Has anyone used it?


It looks very interesting and well-designed with a variety of activities to appeal to different ages and learning styles. They take a different approach to history than the typical classical four-year cycle: rather than covering one period per year, they cover all four, but at different levels and focusing on different aspects. Each year includes some American history. (That's been one of my hangups with the classical cycle because until we did a full year of American history this year, my kids had studied more world history than American. As Americans, I felt they needed to have an understanding of at least the basics.)


For example: 


Year One:


Unit 1: Ancient Egypt

Unit 2: Middle Ages and the Renaissance
Unit 3: French and Indian War through the Revolutionary War

Unit 4: Victorian Era/History of Flight/Cold War


I'm interested in hearing any and all thoughts, especially from people who have used both SOTW and The Good and the Beautiful.




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