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Trying not to panic update #3 in 88 :(

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Yesterday, something happened to dh. This morning he went into our dr, without an appointment, knowing his dr would be in surgery (it's a small town, we know who he was operating on this morning and what time that was happening). He went in and asked them to draw blood and run the labs. Then he picked up farm supplies and headed home.

The office just called. They want him at the hospital NOW to meet with a different Dr.

This Dr is not affiliated with our office-which means he is either a specialty dr or only employed at the hospital. (My county only has 5 doctors-and they operate from the same office. There are NO other options locally.)


I'm trying not to panic.


Update in 27

Update in 77

Update in 88

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They have him scheduled for surgery on Tuesday. Good that it isn't today. Bad that it is so soon.

They aren't sure the cause of the problem, but have a guess. They need to biopsy it first to confirm.


I think it's great they can get him in so quickly!  The sooner you can figure out what's wrong, the sooner it can be treated.   :grouphug:

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:grouphug:  :grouphug:  :grouphug:


Praying for you both.


Glad your DH followed his instincts and went and got seen.   ISA, they will be able to figure out what is going on and treat him easily and successfully.



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