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My dog died. I'm crushed. support only, please

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Thank you all for all the support. it does help. though part of me feels like i don't deserve comfort. i am trying to keep my grip for my kids. 


i knew it would be hard when she passed because of her connection to my mom. my mom waited all her life to get a dog, then received a terminal diagnosis within 2 months. she was gone 6 months later and Daisy was her best comfort. 


i thought we'd have many more years before we'd have to deal with it. I've never lost a pet in such a terrible way. i don't wish this on anyone. it's horrible. 

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I am so very sorry. Losing a pet is so painful but an accident and your grief for your mother makes it all so much worse. Give yourself some grace.


I just saw a quote from Winnie the Pooh and I saved it; it makes me think of my kitty, who is terminally ill. It goes like this:


How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. - Pooh

When we love big, it hurts big.

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Losing a pet is like losing any other member of the family, and these circumstances sound so painful.


But please - don't beat yourself up over this. This isn't your fault, and it's not really the kids' fault either. It's just a tragic accident.

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You've been through so much. Try to be gentle with yourself knowing that your mom and dad wouldn't want you to be in this kind of emotional turmoil.


Your mom, dad and their beloved dog are together now. (Maybe that was the bigger plan all along. We like to think that we have control over events, but we likely don't.)


Also, the dog went through her problem one time. And now the sweetheart is with your parents.


But the scene is playing over and over in your mind. Instead of once, you're going through it endless times.


Hang in there. Good, loving parents would say, "Oh honey. Everything worked out just fine. Thank you for doing everything you could for us. You're a wonderful daughter."









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she was my mom's dog. my mom died. then my dad died, and i brought her home.


she died in an accident. she got tangled in her little doggie run, and we didn't find her in time.


besides just missing her so much, i feel horribly, horribly guilty. this feels like one more loss, one more failure. she was all i had left of my mom. i loved her. i miss her.

I am so sorry. How utterly devastating! Many hugs.


Don't worry. She isn't all you have left of your mom. She just was an excellent substitute. Now that she is gone, you will see other things. Your mom is inside your head and you couldn't get rid of her even if you wanted to. And as far as the guilt goes, death is usually either accident or illness and of the two, I think animals prefer accident. I am sure your dog forgives you. Dogs are like that.


Holding you and your family in the light.



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